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Off-the-Shelf Seasonings

As promised, we’re taking a look at some OTS (off-the-shelf) flavors you can use when making jerky at home that you may not have thought of. Best part, you probably already have some of them.

Liquid Smoke Teriyaki Sauce or Marinade Pineapple Juice Szechuan Seasoning Mix (packaged) Soy Sauce Chili Powder Any flavored steak or […]

Dry Rub – Not Just for BBQ

In past we’ve taken a look at the most common ways to ‘flavor’ your jerky including wet marinating (strips) and adding seasonings to ground meat for stick or extruded jerky. However, there is another way to season your jerky meat and that is by using a dry rub.  This would only apply to portions of meat that are […]