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Thanksgiving Goodies




It’s getting to be that time of year when we all look forward to lots and lots of wonderful food. To that end, we’re sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes  . .  . not necessarily jerky but nonetheless – delicious.


We’re including some that are ‘no sugar added’ as well as 50% sugar free for those on a sugar restricted diets. Hope you enjoy them.

Sugar Free & 50% Sugar Free Recipes

Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce

Powdered Sugar from Splenda   (use this in place of  regular powdered sugar)

29 Sugar Free Desserts

Sixteen (16)  50% Sugar Free Desserts



Traditional Recipes

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Rum Cake w/Rum Glaze

Chocolate Cake in the Pan  (Traditional) or  Chocolate Cake in the Pan  (50% sugar free)


And for those that would like to use their jerky in a recipe, check out the recipes at this link where jerky is an ingredient in dishes such as biscuits, gravy, etc.


Check back when we’ll pass along a terrific recipe for Christmas and offer up some recommendations for those on the shopping list who love to make jerky.

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