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Desserts – Old & New

Man does not live by meat alone, so I’m getting my wife to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert recipes . The recipes below and many others  – including sugar-free cranberry sauce – can be found at I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free.

Jan here  . . . David asked me to pick some of our favorite recipes and alas, it is hard to decide which ones to make. And since I’m one of those people that doesn’t like change I rarely try anything new.   But one of our old favorites just may be getting bumped for a new one.   Saw this piecaken online and in spite of the fact that I’m not a big chocolate eater, it did look delicious.  Raspberries and chocolate – what’s not to like?  





A piecaken is new to me, but then we live in the country. Have to say the thought of a pie inside a cake is novel.  Hmmmmm, can you say turducken??

If you’re like me, just seeing the picture made me want to run out and buy raspberries. So rather than put everything needed here, please visit this link for the full recipe.

Ok, now if you’ve gotten past the piecaken, here are a few of our old favorite recipes we’re thinking of having.





Rum Cake  – Made from a box mix so it’s easy !!!  –  Get Recipe       (Note:  a new twist on this old favorite is to use Amaretto in place of the run . . . it is delicious.  In fact, David likes it better !!!  A true endorsement.  )

Bourbon Pecan Pie – with or without the bourbon this pie is fantastic  (David likes it best chilled)  – Get Recipe

Eggnog Cake w/Rum Glaze – made from a box mix, this is an easy fix.  Get recipe

Note:  If you like eggnog, you can make your own eggnog ice cream at home from vanilla ice cream using only 4 ingredients you probably already have.  It does not use eggnog from the store)  Get recipe. 

Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake – lot of work, but worth it !  Get Recipe

Timbal Rosettes – thin, crunchy pastry shells or shapes deep fried and dusted with powdered sugar.  Yum !!  Get Recipe 

Baklava –  Traditional Greek Pastry filled with pecans, walnuts and smothered in honey-lemon sauce.  Get Recipe. 

Rodeo Nuts – cinnamon glazed nuts for giving or snacking.  Get Recipe.

Last but not least  . . .

pecanpralines_2016Pecan Pralines – Smooth and creamy filled with pecans.  Get Recipe


Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving !!!








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