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Bourbon Jerky . . . YES!!!!

Bourbon whiskey is a type of American whiskey – made primarily from corn – that  has been barrel-aged.  [1]    Used in some recipes it infuses a rich flavor that tantalizes the taste buds, i.e,  Bourbon chicken, Bourbon whiskey balls,  Bourbon Pecan Pie (recipe below) and so we thought . . .  why not Bourbon jerky??

For those who want to make their own Bourbon marinades for beef or venison jerky, you might find the links below helpful.  They give not only ingredients but also directions for dehydration.

Bourbon marinade for beef   (Recipe)  

Bourbon venison jerky   (Video) 

However,  if you want a quick and easy Bourbon marinade – ready-to-go,  try these pre-packaged marinade mixes and finished  jerky products available on Amazon:




Bourbon Pecan Pie

This is one of our favorite holiday pies – a variation of the traditional  pecan pie.  And we might add it is equally delicious warm  or cold –


·         1 9-inch pie shell (unbaked – homemade or store bought)
·         3 Large eggs (beaten)
·         1/2 Cup brown sugar firmly packed
·         1/2 Cup light corn syrup
·         1/2 Cup dark corn syrup
·         2 Tablespoons REAL butter (melted)
·         3 Tablespoons Bourbon
·         1/4 Teaspoon salt
·         1 Cup fresh pecans chopped (you can use whole ones if you like)
·         Prepare the crust in a pie pan but do not bake.

Pie Filling:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
1.       Beat eggs in a large bowl.

2.       Add the brown sugar into the beaten eggs ( Make sure all of the sugar dissolves and there are no lumps)

3.       Stir in remaining ingredients: corn syrups, butter, salt, Bourbon and pecans

4.       Pour mixture into unbaked pie shell.

5.       Cover the edges with aluminum foil to prevent them from burning.

6.       Bake for 40-50 minutes or until the center is set.

Watch the pie carefully the last 10 minutes for the top to ‘crust and crack’ – this means it is done. Do not over-bake.

7.       Remove from oven, cool and enjoy.

Left over pie can be refrigerated.

Note: This pie is equally good without the bourbon.


For more great recipes – including Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce – please visit I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free !






Venison Jerky – Hunting Texas

With fall comes not only the peace of driving through winding country roads lined with trees full of vibrant colors but also the thrill of the hunt on crisp, cool mornings . . . for those so inclined. Here in Texas deer hunting season started on November 1 this year – and early that morning the sounds of gun shots could be heard ringing throughout the woods.

Back strap, sausage and the like are all local favorites – but don’t forget, venison makes some of the best jerky you’ll  ever eat. Just follow the same process for making venison jerky as you would for beef or buffalo – strips or sticks.   Venison jerky can be made using one of the following methods:

Since venison has a little more flavor – you might like to try some of the stronger marinades, i.e., whisky and black pepper.  To view the top marinades, visit this link.

We’ve posted an abbreviated version of the hunting seasons below. [1] If you are looking for the complete schedule, visit this link. And if you happen not to be in Texas, visit this link for hunting information for all 50 states.[2].































































5 Top Beef Cuts for Homemade Ground Beef

One of the easiest eating jerky snacks are jerky sticks.  These can be made using lean ground beef or buffalo purchased at the grocery store.  But, what would make them even better would be to use your own fresh ground meat.  A little extra work – but worth it because you know exactly what’s in your jerky sticks.

Shopping for Meat

The leanest meat you can use to make your own ground meat will make the best sticks.  In order to do this,  you need to know which cuts of beef are the leanest.   [1]

The top 5 cuts of beef – considered ‘extra lean [2]  – would be:

  1. Eye of round roast or steak
  2. Sirloin tip side steak
  3. Top round roast and steak
  4. Bottom round roast and steak
  5. Top sirloin steak

Note: When choosing beef, look for packages labeled ‘Choice’ or ‘Select’ vs. ‘Prime’ as they  will have less fat.  Also look for those cuts with the least amount of marbling . . . and don’t forget to trim fat as needed. 

While you may not have as wide a selection of buffalo cuts at your local store, look for cuts with minimal marbling.  Again, trim any fat as needed.

Shopping for a Meat Grinder

If you’re on a budget, you may want to skip the meat grinder and try using your food processor to ‘grind’ the meat. While it will get the job done, you may find it will take  longer to grind the meat and you’ll need to work with smaller quantities to get the amount of ground meat needed.  For more information on using a food processor to grind meat, visit this link

If you don’t have a meat grinder and are considering purchasing one, give some thought to buying a meat grinder that can be  a multi-purpose kitchen tool.   In other words, look for one that you can use for other purposes such as:

  • Grinding meat
  • Making pasta
  • Making sausage

Below are some multi-use meat grinders available on Amazon. Prices range from very affordable to pricey – depending on your budget and need.



When making your own ground meat for jerky, always be sure the equipment is clean from the last use and then either use the freshly ground meat immediately or keep refrigerated until ready to use.   In our opinion, freshly ground meat should be used for making jerky  within 24 hours of grinding.




[1] using a food processor

[2] lean cuts –