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Important Nutrients – Protein, Minerals & Vitamins

Meat with its protein, plus the major vitamins and minerals are an important part of a well balanced diet. Jerky offers quick, easy access to meat whether you’re hiking, camping, picnicking – or just laying around the house.

In addition to the protein offered in meat, it’s a good idea to balance your diet by adding other nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals into your diet. These nutrients come not only in many prepared and fortified foods available at the grocery store but also in many fresh foods . . . like vegetables and fruits. Of course, before making any changes to a diet – or adding in foods if you are on  medication or a restricted diet, one should always check with their Doctor or Primary Care Taker first to avoid any complications or conflicts.

The charts below will give you an idea of what nutrients are important, what functions and benefits they provide, and what foods are a good source for each.




In the two charts above, we’ve highlighted the foods where meat plays an important dietary role.  For information on the top ten vitamins, please visit this link.

Our source of information for these charts was taken in part from the All New Cookbook for Diabetics and Their Families available from the link below (it’s full of  excellent recipes too!)  . . . .



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