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Beef Jerky vs. Buffalo Jerky – Calories & Nutrition

Jerky is a healthy snack – but you can make it even healthier by eating jerky made from meats other than beef. Buffalo jerky is a particularly healthy alternative due to the fact that it is naturally low in fat. The American Heart Association recommends daily fat intake be limited to 35% of total calories or less with saturated fat being limited to only 7% of calories or less. (See comparison charts below for beef vs. buffalo, venison and turkey – you’ll note they are not exactly the same but it is interesting to notice the effect using a ‘flavored’ marinade has on the results. )

Jerky also provides carbohydrates for the body – carbohydrates are a primary source of the body’s energy source. And while the amount of sugar and sodium consumed daily should also be taken into consideration, you’ll find little difference in the levels of these for either beef, buffalo or any other meat depending on the marinade used. 

For the charts below, you can click on each one to see an enlarged image.

Beef Jerky vs. Buffalo Jerky

Beef Jerky vs. Venison Jerky

Beef Jerky vs. Turkey Jerky


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