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Jerky – So You Want to Have a Raffle?

With everyone enjoying jerky, it not only makes great gifts but also makes a great product for fund raisers. It can easily be packaged into small portions and offered in a variety of flavors. These can be sold to raise money for charities, various benefits, clubs, etc… but, if you’re thinking of holding a raffle you’ll need to do a little homework first.

Each state has its own restrictions concerning raffles and while a qualified organization – or some charities – are not required to register with the State before holding a raffle, there are some things you should  know.

For more info on which Texas organizations qualify visit

Texas  Raffle Restrictions:

This list contains some of the very basic restrictions governing ‘qualified organizations’:

1.  A qualified organization can have only two (2) raffles per calendar year and only one (1) raffle at a time.

2.  No state-wide advertising is allowed, nor can the raffle be advertised through paid advertisements.

3.  Each ticket must state:

  • The name of the organization conducting the raffle
  • The address of the organization or name one of the organizations officers
  • The ticket price
  • A general description of each prize with a value more than $10
  • The date when the raffle prizes will be awarded

4.  No one is to be compensated – directly or indirectly – for organizing / conducting the raffle or for the selling of raffle tickets.


The raffle prize can be anything but ‘money’.   And, if the organizers have purchased the prize, the value should not exceed $50,000 or $250,000 for a dwelling.  There is  no limit on items that have been donated.

There are some penalties associated with conducting an unauthorized raffle – so for those Texans out there who need more information about holding a charitable or non-profit organization raffle, visit this link


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