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Homemade Beef Jerky . . . circa 1930

There may be no way to tell how long beef jerky – or any other meat jerky – has been around. However, there are some articles that claim it dates as far back as the mid-1500’s with the peoples of South America, North America and South Africa making jerky from elk, buffalo and deer.

In all of these very early cases the strips of meat were cut into slices and the either rubbed with salt, rolled (in animal hide or into balls) and then allowed to dry.

The methods have evolved over the years to the process – and convenience – we have today. We can now make jerky strips and sticks using prepared spices, electric dehydrators and jerky gun (for sticks).

However, it wasn’t too long ago (circa 1930-40’s) that the average American family was more likely to make home made sausage, frankfurters, dried beef and what they called ‘jerked beef’ than buy those products at the grocery. 

While going through some old magazines I found one dedicated to homemade meat products with one recipe dedicated to jerky.

Thought you might find the recipe interesting as well as entertaining.

Jerked Beef”

Jerked Beef is made by exposing dried beef to the air and sun. It can be made only where the climate is dry enough for the beef to dry thoroughly and not spoil.

Cur beef into strips a few inches wide and after dipping in brine for 2 or 3 minutes, hand in the air and sun, high enough to be above the fly line. The top of a windmill makes a good place, or flies can be kept away by a smudge. jerked beef is usually eaten without cooking, or it can be prepared for cooking by soaking in water overnight.”



Guess that let’s me out – I don’t have a windmill!


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