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Deer Charts – Different Cuts & Their Uses

We’ve talked about making jerky out of various kinds of meat, but for those that enjoy hunting, there’s only one meat that makes the best jerky – deer. While any part of the deer can be used for making jerky, most consider the best to be the rump roast and the eye round – same as for beef. This is because the large cuts of meat mean larger pieces of jerky.

The chart below gives an overview of where each cut of meat comes from.



The making of jerky is an  easy process, however, knowing the direction to cut and how thick to make the slices is important…especially when making jerky from deer. Since most of the muscle fibers in deer roasts run the same direction, you want to cut against the grain of the meat to limit the length of the jerky strips.

Thickness is important as well, since a slice too thin will result in very dry strips. For this reason, it has been stated that the optimum thickness is 1/8 inch. The easiest way to cut uniform slices is to allow the meat to become almost frozen before attempting to slice. And, as when slicing anything with a sharp knife or electric slicer, extreme caution should be used to avoid injury.

Want to use your deer other than for jerky? The chart below gives an overview of some of the other ways you can use the various sectionis shown in the chart above.


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