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Making Your Own Ground Beef

Remember pink slime? The beef additive consisting of extracted lean beef from the scraps that would have otherwise been trashed. Might add that it was treated with ammonia gas and as such was not allowed to be imported into Canada. [1]

The reason for pink slime was to produce a ‘leaner, less expensive beef’ [2].   What about healthy?  After treatment – that partly consisted of boiling, spinning and extruding – the end product was packed and shipped to grocers where it was added in the ground meat they sold.    However, once the word was out,  concern was voiced by most comsumers.

During the peak scandal,  circa 2011-12, pink slime was found to be a regular ingredient in school lunches and in a large percentage (60%+) of the ground beef at the grocery store. The public outcry caused its use to diminish (2012), however, pink slime may be on its way back into some school cafeterias for 2013 (Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota) [3].

We could find no current reports of pink slime in ground beef sold at grocery stores today, or of any required labeling for packaged ground meat that may contain pink slime. However, if you want to make the very best beef jerky sticks – you may want to consider grinding your own fresh ground beef. Doing so ensures that the ground meat is free from any additives, fat or other undesireable meat products.  This will result in the leanest ground beef jerky sticks possible.

Some beef cuts to consider for making your own ground beef are:

  • Rump Roast
  • Round Steak
  • Flank Steak
  • any beef that has little fat or marbling.

As always, when making beef jerky – ground or strip, trim the fat!














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