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Top 5 Packaged Jerky Seasonings

After deciding on the type of meat to use for making your jerky, i.e., beef, venison, buffalo, etc., the flavor you want is next. A wide variety of flavors can be had by combining various spices and other ingredients – from sweet to smoky with everything in between. And, while many enjoy making their own seasoning marinades, by far the easiest is to buy commercially prepared jerky seasoning packets.

Purchasing seasoning packets has many advantages:

  • Pre-measured for a set amount of meat and/or type of meat
  • Variety of flavors to choose from
  • Good shelf life so un-used packets will keep until needed
  • Consistency in flavor
 Top 5 Jerky Seasonings

Without a doubt, it would seem that the most popular of the purchased jerky seasonings are manufactured by Nesco – also manufacturers of dehydrator and jerky guns. However, other manufacturers are getting into the business with some very tempting flavors and combinations of flavors. The five (5) seasonings below were the top ones we found on Amazon followed by an actual customer comment to give you an idea of what others think about that product.

 Nesco BJV-24 24-Pack of Jerky Spices in 4 Assorted Flavors

Customer Comment: These flavors are very tasty, and every batch of Jerky I have made with theses flavors has received praise! The variety pack is a great starter set. I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because I would rather have a smaller cheaper set to start with until I find my favorite flavors. Or a set of the same size with more varieties (as there are more flavors that are not included with this set).


Nesco BJ-18 Jerky Spice Works, Original Flavor, 18-Pack

Customer Comment: It all started when I bought a Nesco dehydrator that came with a variety of Jerky spices. I tried each one and settled on two of them, the Original spice and the Teriyaki, which I have since re-ordered. There are other flavors that I haven’t tried but might at sometime or another. In the mean time I was given a variety pack of a competing brand. It was a spice rub and was quite messy to work with and didn’t have much of a flavor, even though I “over-spiced” the batch. Nesco packs their spices and brine in separate little envelopes that you mix with water and is enough to marinate a pound of meat. Just put it all together in a sealable plastic storage bag and let the mixture absorb into the meat for about 24 hours. For two pounds of meat just double up on the spices. It makes a great tasting Jerky. I recommend both the Nesco Jerky spices and their dehydrators. I am very pleased with both.


Eastman Outdoors 38443 Jerky Seasoning and Cure, Whiskey Pepper, for 5-Pounds of Meat

Customer Comment: This seasoning is, by far, my family’s and friends’ favorite. Great flavor everytime! Easy to use and you can adjust how much seasoning you want to use.



Hi Mountain Cracked Pepper ‘N Garlic Jerky Seasoning Kit

Customer Comment: This Hi-Mountain product adds just the right flavor to both hamburger strip jerky and snack sticks. Makes 15 lbs. of muscle meat and about 7 lbs. of hamburger strips or snack sticks. Definitely my favorite seasoning mix. Has less Sodium Nitrite than other seasonings. Let cure for 24 hrs. for best taste.



Eastman Outdoors 38454 Jerky Seasoning and Cure, Mesquite, for 15-Pounds of Meat

This one did not have a rating nor comments – but sounds good to me.



These were the ones that listed in the top positions, but there are many more available in every manner of flavor and packaging.  To see other jerky seasonings, please visit this link to Amazon..


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