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Making Jerky – Marinades

Store bought jerky seasoning packets are by far the easiest way to season your jerky. However, for the adventurous, jerky recipes are out there in abundance in cyberspace if you are willing to do some searching and look in the right places. Some of the best marinade  recipes can be found in the Bonus #1 that comes with the purchase of the Perfect Jerky eBook. Some use a very few ingredients with others being more elaborate. In most cases, spices and salt are the main ingredients in nearly all dry jerky recipes, while other recipes are primarily liquid marinades.

When choosing a marinade recipe, look for one that has spices that add a flavor you like. Remember, as with most recipes you can alter marinade flavors to suit your taste. However it is best to make a small “taste test” amount of jerky before making a larger batch to store or to keep on hand for sharing.

Another thought, if you are making any changes to the marinade recipe – or any recipe for that matter – it’s always a good idea to note the changes you made and keep those notes with your original recipe. You may find you want to make additional adjustments after the first trial.

Keep in mind when making changes to a marinade recipe, that the salt is the most important component and is used in the curing process of the meat. Without the right amount of salt included either as a liquid, i.e. soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce etc., or in granular form, the jerky will not keep properly.

Once you have several versions of jerky you and your family enjoy, you’ll find jerky is a very versatile and easy snack to enjoy at all times for some of the following reasons:

  • No refrigeration is required if eaten within a week or two
  • Being a non-messy snack its easily taken almost anywhere
  • Children love it
  • Easy to share with neighbors, family and friends.
  • Leftovers can be frozen to enjoy later

Regardless of the style of jerky . . . . sticks or strips, type of marinade . . . dry or liquid, you’ll find making jerky is like any other project, if it’s worth doing it worth doing right. And while making homemade jerky does require a certain amount of work and time, the end results are well worth it.


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