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Sun – Solar Oven for Making Jerky

Homemade jerky is always a healthy treat. You get to choose the meat, the flavor, the type (strip or stick)  and best of all, you get to skip all the additives found in some store-bought jerky.


How you dry your homemade jerky is also a choice. You  can use a dehydrator, traditional oven or outside smoker.  But have you ever thought about using   a sun/solar oven.  Good thing about these ovens, they can also be used as an alternate method of cooking ‘regular’ meals for camping  or should the power be out, they can fill in for the traditional electric oven.


Most sun/solar ovens are basically the same in materials used, construction – reflector, door/sides,   and size.  However, when shopping for one, look for one that has adjustable, multiple racks.  This will allow you to dehydrate more jerky at a time – and, if using it as a traditional oven, you will be able to cook more than one item at a time.


What can you cook in a sun/solar oven?

Anything you would in a traditional oven. While this is true, maintaining a constant temperature – even a temperature within a range of degrees – will depend on testing the various angles of the reflector and  the strength of the sun.    Once you have obtained the desired temperature, the rule of thumb is to adjust angle every 30 minutes.


How long to cook jerky in a sun/solar oven?

Once the correct temperature (or range) has been attained and is being maintained, the dehydrating time would be the same as making jerky in a conventional oven.  

When using a sun/solar oven for making jerky – just like when making jerky in a traditional oven – you want to leave a crack in the door so that the moist air can escape. [1]


Meat Preparation for Sun/Solar Oven

The process of preparing the meat for making jerky – strip or stick – is the same as for using a dehydrator.

The main thing to keep in mind is to maintain a constant temperature so as to not allow the growth of bacteria or end up ‘cooking’ the meat.






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