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Choosing a Meat (Food) Slicer

One of the most important steps in making Perfect Jerky is to have the meat slices the same thickness. Having all slices the same thickness means the slices are more likely to dry consistently and you’ll not have some slices over-dried while others are under-dried.

If you’ve got a steady hand, you can use a good sharp knife – or an electric knife – to get even slices. However, if you find you sometimes get some too thick and other too thin, using an electric food slicer may be the answer – if you make a lot of jerky.

There are many types and brands available with many different features – at a wide range of costs. Some features to consider when shopping for a food slicer are:

  • Get a slicer that slices meat, vegetables, cheese and bread. Having a multi-use appliance is more cost effective.
  • Look for one that has a stainless steel slicer that is gear-driven.
  • Get one with a high torque motor – it will be stronger.
  • Look for a slicer where you can tilt the food carriage making the food to be sliced -gravity fed. You’ll want to use this feature to make slicing easy of other food products like cheese, bread, and vegetables.
  • Absolutely get one that has a food pusher for control and safety. Preferably a pusher that has ‘teeth’ to hold the food more steady.
  • Adjustable setting for thickness of slices will be needed to adjust thickness for slicing cheeses, deli-meat and bread.
  • All parts removable for easy cleaning and sanitizing after cutting raw meat.
  • Child safety switch is good if you have small children in the home or that visit.
  • Sturdy base (w/suction cups) for stability to keep the appliance from moving while in use.

Buying a slicer is not a necessity, however, if you do plan on buying one, give it some thought as to how you will use it and if it will pay for itself.  And, as always when working with any food product, you want to keep your slicer clean.  For more information on keeping clean when making jerky – visit this link.





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