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What to Know IF You Want to Sell Your Jerky

Seems like most of the people we know are talking about ways they can earn a few more dollars.  And, there are many ways to offer items for sale online  – but specifically,  what about those who would like  to sell their homemade jerky?

We’re listing the basic steps one might follow to get a jerky business started. While the process may seem involved it can be rewarding over time if you follow all federal, state, county and city laws to make sure they fit your marketing strategy.

Permits, License, Etc.

As with any business the first thing to do is investigate the permits and necessary licenses you’ll need. When selling a food product this means you will need to contact your state health department to see what health permits they require.

You’ll also need a tax ID number and permit for reporting sales taxes in your state. Most of this information can be obtained from the state Comptroller’s website.

You may also be required to get your Servsafe certification.     This certification teaches you how to safely handle food.


Have necessary equipment to produce the necessary amounts of jerky. This might mean you’ll need

Check with your state agency for regulations about the proper labeling of food products.

Another thing to remember is that your homemade jerky may need to be identified as homemade (unregulated) on the packaging if it has not undergone government inspection.

Pricing & Marketing

Determine a price for your products based on ingredients, overhead costs, and how much profit you want to make – or need to make. Compare your prices to other jerky products in your local area . . . after all you want to be competitive.

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