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Road Kill ?

No we’re not going to be making jerky from road kill – but we are going to take a detour  and look at a program called Rkill. Why? Because for the last several days I’ve had all kinds of problems with my computer thanks to malware . . . in spite of the fact that I have a paid malware program installed.

It is a shame that we have to deal with these kinds of issues but when they pop-up it is good to know some place to go to get programs that may possibly help.

For me, using four (4) programs from a website called Bleeping Computer helped. The programs I used were:

  1. RKill
  2. AdwareCleaner
  3. TDSSKiller
  4. Junk Ware Removal Tool

To use these or see other programs available, go to Bleeping  and look for the Download tab.





From there you can search for programs that might help. If you want to join in on the BC Forum you’ll need to become a member – but it’s Free!

What do you do???

When downloading programs, use the ‘Save As’ option and save to your Desktop.

From the Desktop, you can double click the icon to run the program or if you are having trouble getting that to work, right click the desktop icon once and select the option to ‘Run as Administrator’.

Note: When you click the program name, you’ll see all the information relating to the program and also be given options as to where to download from. I always chose Download Now @BleepingComputer for my download.


Give the program time when running. Some of them took longer than I expected. Once the results were given, I printed them out in case I wanted to go back and review what had been removed.

Once all programs have been run, restart the computer.

For myself, I’m running my malware program daily for a few days just to be sure.

Disclaimer: While these programs worked for us, you will have to decide if you want to take the risk of giving permission and using any of the programs on your own computer. The decision is solely yours.


road_kill_xHope some may find  this helpful, and next time we’ll be taking a look at jerky stuff – but in the meantime for the top seasonings and marinades that would probably make even roadkill taste good, visit this page – Jerky Seasonings – Mild to HOT.




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