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More Than Just Jerky: 10 Survival Tips

survivalSeems there’s a lot of talk these days about ‘prepping’. And while jerky is a delicious snack it is also an excellent ‘survival’ food to have on hand. But, besides jerky there are several other things to think about if you are planning for your family’s survival.


as discussed jerky can be made from beef, buffalo, or fish. Besides using a dehydrator, have the means to make jerky at home using either a smoker, grill or sun oven.


have enough money in the bank so that you could survive for 6 months to a year. And don’t have all monies in one bank or credit union account. If possible have 2-3 different accounts . . . look what happened to Cypress.

Keep some money at home in a concealed safe. Not all safes are expensive. Read more about the different types of home safes here.


get rid of as much debt that you possibly can. This means credit cards, car notes, bank notes, etc. And, reduce other non-essential expenses where you can.

Gold & Silver

should the US dollar continue to lose value (and inflation skyrocket), then having gold and silver will be invaluable. Many states have already allow gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender. Get information on buying gold and silver at this link.

Extra Income

if you have time, get a second job or consider starting your own business. Do you have unwanted stuff you can sell at a local flea market? Or, consider the Internet. It is an excellent way to earn money with relatively low start-up costs. Learn about Internet marketing, website building and blogging at Power to Earn Money.


if possible have a safe-place away from your home in the city that you can go to. This might be your own place in the country or a family member that lives out of the city. Make sure all family members are aware of where they are to meet should the need arise.


plan on having enough non-perishable food for your family. The best type of food is freeze-dried that can be stored for lengthy periods, stays tasty and is easy to prepare – most often by simply adding boiling water. Another good way to have available food is by having a garden.


this one is a must. Plan on how to have good, clean drinking water. This can be bottled water (expensive and bulky to store) or by having a means to purify water. Read 5 ways to purify water here.


having a back-up generator is a must should you lose power. You can then keep your refrigerators, freezers and water well running. Get specific information of generators at this link.    And don’t forget to have flashlights, candles, LED lanterns handy – maybe even some candles and matches!


in an emergency you want to have everyday items stockpiled as well. Items such as toiletries, extra clothing, medicines and first aid supplies, non-electric kitchen items, communication means and radio, baby needs, pet needs, etc.

This is just a brief overview of preparing for an emergency. To get more detailed information along with ‘shopping’ lists of items plus basic home repairs, and survival recipes – visit Home Survival Handbook.


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