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Non-Traditional Jerky Seasoning Flavors


If you’re like me, you sometimes find yourself in a rut . . . doing the same things, eating the same foods and making the same jerky flavors. For those ready to try something new, here are a few jerky seasonings that are different from the more traditional flavors.

Slap Ya Mama is a 5-star Cajun seasoning that comes in three flavors:
  • Hot – Hot Cajun blend with NO MSG
  • Original – Cajun blend that can also be used with any type of meat or to spice up burgers.
  • White Pepper – Cajun blend using white pepper for those who don’t like or are allergic to black pepper. Little spicier than the original; not as spicy as the hot.

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Caribbean Jerk Seasoning

The Caribbean spices in these products offer an exotic flavor from hot to mild:

  • Grace Jerk Seasoning Mild – use as marinade or rub
  • Grace Jerk Seasoning Hot – use as marinade or rub
  • Jerk Top Rankin Rub – use as jerky marinade, BBQ rub or on popcorn (5-star rating)

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Last but not least here is a product for those who can’t get enough heat.


  • Ask the Meatman – Hot Teriyaki – 5-stars for flavor and quantity
  • Ass Kickin’ Seasoning from Hell – Habanero  – 4-1/2 stars for this one


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