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Gourmet Jerky

When you hear the word jerky, thoughts of hiking, snacking and surviving are typically conjured up. But no more. Jerky has been elevated to new levels by some who now pair it with fine wine and others who tout it as an energy booster.

caffeinehotsauceThere are some wineries in California who have started producing jerky in flavors such as chili lime and sweet chipotle. Both of these flavors are advertised as gourmet jerky and have been paired with specific wines produced by the winery. In addition, those gourmet jerky products are being offered not only at the winery shop but also in stores across the country. These new flavors are certain to have an effect on how people look at jerky in the future. [1]

We might add that, to their credit, these gourmet jerky products strive to limit the amount of sodium and nitrates used making it a more healthy jerky product.

Now while we’ve not seen any caffeinated jerky on the shelves at our local stores, that doesn’t mean it’s not available. In fact the US Army is using caffeinated beef jerky to give the troops ‘a jolt with their protein’. [2] After all, chowing down on a piece of caffeinated jerky on the field is a lot easier than getting a cup of hot coffee . . . especially if you like it with cream and sugar!

We’ve not found any specific recipes for making gourmet jerky or caffeinated jerky at home. However, if you are one of those adventurous people who like to try new flavors, using a pepper sauce infused with extra caffeine as an ingredient in your jerky marinade just might produce a good, homemade caffeinated jerky.

We did some searching and found one pepper sauce product that contains caffeine – 12 mg per teaspoon – if you’re inclined to give it a try, you can read more about the sauce at this link – get caffeine hot sauce.


JerkyOvenRackProduct Update:

There is a  product on the market that will make making homemade oven jerky much easier. Specifically it is stacked racks that you come ready to use in you oven – comes with its own drip pan! Check it out here . . . ..Oven Jerky Rack








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