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Five Top Jerky Guns

For those wanting or liking a more uniform jerky product, using a jerky gun is the only way to go. They can be filled with the meat mixture and then ‘piped’ onto the drying trays or racks.

There are several different types of jerky guns on the market – so to help make a decision with regard to easy of use and cost – we’ve presented five different jerky guns below for your consideration. We’ve even included some of the comments about each – along with a ‘ball park’ price – to help you decide which is right for you.  (Click on the pictures for more information about each jerky gun.)

 1. Jerky Gun with Starter Kit (5 stars on Amazon) – comes with two (2) tips and seasoning packets. Price $29.99

Comment: ” I bought this to try making venison jerky last week. It’s extremely well-made and should last many years. You simply fill the tube with your meat mixture and squeeze it on to your dehydrator or drying rack like caulk.”

 2. Sportsman (5 stars on Amazon) – gun only. Price: $19.99 (limited quantities)

Comment: “This is easy to use and clean. The handle and action are smooth and appear very durable. I have made several batches of elk jerky, with no issue.”

 3. Nesco BJX-8 Jumbo Jerky Works Kit (4+ stars on Amazon) – comes with three (3) tips and assorted seasoning packets. Price: $14.98. This item has received over 25 comments with 23 of them being 4-5 stars.

Comment:   “Hesitant at first, but will never go back, absolutely awesome jerky”

 4. Weston Original Jerky Gun – comes with assorted tips, plunger, and brushes. Price: $46.95. This item received 23 reviews with 22 of them being 4-5 stars.

Comment:   Can’t go wrong here folks. If you are into making jerky then don’t go out and get some cheap jerky gun. This is top of the line at a reasonable price. The gun and attachment are well made and pumping seasoned deer hamburger out is with the utmost in ease.

 5. Nesco BJX-5 American Harvest Jumbo Jerky Works Kit – comes with three (3) tips and assorted seasoning packets. Price: $13.40. This jerky gun has received over 59 reviews with 48 of them falling into the 4-5 star category.

Comment:   “Too Easy! If you or someone you know loves beef jerky and you also love to save money on this wonderful treat – then look no further because this is the extruder you want. Simply purchase ground sirloin with a 3% to 5% fat content, mix in the included two seasoning packets for each pound of beef you use, shove the meat into the extruder, pull the triger and BAM you’ve just made jerky.

These are the top five rated jerky guns on Amazon. Of course, if you are serious about making your own homemade jerky and are in the market for a ‘jerky gun’ – you should do your own research and read the multiple reviews available  for each item – this will ensure you make a well-educated decision before making the purchasing.


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