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Everyone Loves Beef Jerky

There are many good beef jerky recipes  that can be found either in recipe books or online. When searching you’ll find recipes using a combination of dry spices and, or liquid marinates. Any one of these will result in a good homemade jerky.   If developing your own recipe from scratch, don’t forget to add salt for curing.

There are several prepackaged dry mixtures of spices you can choose from when making your very own beef  jerky recipe at home.  These purchased marinades are ready to use as they are or you may want to adjust them to suit your taste. However, until you get comfortable making jerky you may want to stay with the original packaged spices.

Should you decide to change a beef  jerky recipe –  to allow for a stronger or weaker taste – you may want to adjust the liquids. For instance, instead of adding the 1/2  cup water the package calls for,  you may want  to mix 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce to make the 1/2 cup liquid.

Most recipes call for salt. Salt is necessary to cure the meat; however, it could be easy to get too much salt if adjusting any of the liquids. And, adjusting salt to taste, may result in not enough salt to cure the jerky properly. 

Starting with a good beef jerky recipe and marinade will get you are well on your way to a savory snack!


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