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‘Ground Meat’ Jerky Recipes

Like making sliced jerky, jerky made from ground meat(s) can be seasoned with spices – your own or pre-packaged, plus needing a cure.  [ Read more about cures at these links:  Cures &   Morton  Salt.] 


The amount of ground meat being  used should always be weighed to ensure the correct amount of seasoning and […]

Jerky (as an Ingredient)

To some, jerky is the quintessential snack. Looking beyond that — it can be used as an ingredient in certain dishes giving them a unique, new flavor.

Granted the nature of jerky somewhat limits the dishes, but with a little creativity – and daring,  a whole new world of eating can open up.

With […]

Desserts – Old & New

Man does not live by meat alone, so I’m getting my wife to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert recipes . The recipes below and many others  – including sugar-free cranberry sauce – can be found at I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free.

Jan here  . . . David asked me […]