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More Jerky Basics – Measuring & Drying

Making jerky isn’t rocket science but care should be taken when making homemade jerky including marinades, seasonings, cures, etc.[1]


Most pre-packaged marinades, seasonings, cures, etc. will come with manufacturers directions on how much to use for set amounts of meat. These directions should always be followed.


Some other things to think about […]

Sugar Free | Gluten Free Jerky

Didn’t know jerky contained sugar? or gluten?  Well, technically guess you might say it doesn’t since it is a meat product.  But, depending on the ingredients used to marinate or the seasonings added in when making jerky sticks, you may be getting sugar and/or gluten and not know it.  Those on restricted diets can enjoy jerky […]

Jerky Around the World

We’ve looked at some ways old-timers and Native Americans have  made jerky without all the conveniences of today.  But various  forms of jerky are also popular around the world.


1) The Alaska Eskimos made a version of jerky called Pemmican.  Pemmican consisted of crushed and powdered meat to which fat is mixed […]