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Ground Meat for Jerky

Ground meat jerky has attained popularity due to the fact that it is easier to chew and, if you are making it at home, can be made from lesser cuts of meat or even leftovers*. After all, who doesn’t like to save a few dollars.

* Note:  The meaty trimmings from making […]

Temperature for Keeping Jerky Meat Safe – Defrosting, Storing, Transporting

While it may still be winter outside,  you can be sure summer is on the way.  And, with that we should be aware of the handling of the meat used for homemade jerky.  Whether you are transporting it, defrosting it or storing it . . . the handling of raw meat is very important with regard […]

5 Top Beef Cuts for Homemade Ground Beef

One of the easiest eating jerky snacks are jerky sticks.  These can be made using lean ground beef or buffalo purchased at the grocery store.  But, what would make them even better would be to use your own fresh ground meat.  A little extra work – but worth it because you know exactly what’s […]