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Top 7 Seasonings & Equipment 2017

With as many jerky seasonings and equipment items out there, thought it might be interesting to see which ones were the most popular in 2017.


That being said, went back through all the purchases made last year and compiled the following list of 7 Top Jerky Seasonings and 7 Top Jerky Equipment items […]

Non-Traditional Jerky Seasoning Flavors


If you’re like me, you sometimes find yourself in a rut . . . doing the same things, eating the same foods and making the same jerky flavors. For those ready to try something new, here are a few jerky seasonings that are different from the more traditional flavors.

Slap Ya Mama is a 5-star […]

Dry Rub – Not Just for BBQ

In past we’ve taken a look at the most common ways to ‘flavor’ your jerky including wet marinating (strips) and adding seasonings to ground meat for stick or extruded jerky. However, there is another way to season your jerky meat and that is by using a dry rub.  This would only apply to portions of meat that are […]