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Smoking Jerky

A good, smokey-flavored jerky is always a favorite of those who eat jerky. And while this flavor can be infused by using a ‘smoke flavored’  ingredient in the marinade, another way to achieve this woodsy taste is to smoke the jerky outdoors over wood chips rather than using a dehydrator indoors.

While this outdoor […]

More Jerky Basics – Measuring & Drying

Making jerky isn’t rocket science but care should be taken when making homemade jerky including marinades, seasonings, cures, etc.[1]


Most pre-packaged marinades, seasonings, cures, etc. will come with manufacturers directions on how much to use for set amounts of meat. These directions should always be followed.


Some other things to think about […]

Multi-Purpose Jerky Equipment

Most of the time you can get around having to buy special equipment for making jerky at home, but when you do decide to buy equipment, why not make it multi-purpose?

We’ve listed below some equipment you might want to consider purchasing to make the process easier . . . not to mention the other uses available rather than […]