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Jerky Guns – Comparison

Jerky sticks (round and flat) are one of the most popular jerky treats to make.   As we like to say  . . . they’re ‘easy eaters’ – and you can use just about any ground meat – or leftover meats ground up –  to make them.


While they can be made by hand, […]

Ground Meat for Jerky

Ground meat jerky has attained popularity due to the fact that it is easier to chew and, if you are making it at home, can be made from lesser cuts of meat or even leftovers*. After all, who doesn’t like to save a few dollars.

* Note:  The meaty trimmings from making […]

Smoking Jerky

A good, smokey-flavored jerky is always a favorite of those who eat jerky. And while this flavor can be infused by using a ‘smoke flavored’  ingredient in the marinade, another way to achieve this woodsy taste is to smoke the jerky outdoors over wood chips rather than using a dehydrator indoors.

While this outdoor […]