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Top 7 Seasonings & Equipment 2017

With as many jerky seasonings and equipment items out there, thought it might be interesting to see which ones were the most popular in 2017.


That being said, went back through all the purchases made last year and compiled the following list of 7 Top Jerky Seasonings and 7 Top Jerky Equipment items […]

Sun – Solar Oven for Making Jerky

Homemade jerky is always a healthy treat. You get to choose the meat, the flavor, the type (strip or stick)  and best of all, you get to skip all the additives found in some store-bought jerky.


How you dry your homemade jerky is also a choice. You  can use a dehydrator, traditional oven […]

Jerky Guns – Comparison

Jerky sticks (round and flat) are one of the most popular jerky treats to make.   As we like to say  . . . they’re ‘easy eaters’ – and you can use just about any ground meat – or leftover meats ground up –  to make them.


While they can be made by hand, […]