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‘Ground Meat’ Jerky Recipes

Like making sliced jerky, jerky made from ground meat(s) can be seasoned with spices – your own or pre-packaged, plus needing a cure.  [ Read more about cures at these links:  Cures &   Morton  Salt.] 


The amount of ground meat being  used should always be weighed to ensure the correct amount of seasoning and […]

Pork: The Forgotten Meat

Since we typically think of jerky as being a very lean meat, i.e., venison, buffalo, beef; pork typically does not  come to mind.  But, if you use the pork loin – as strips, cubed, minced or ground –  pork can be a tasty, economical alternative for making jerky.




The recipes […]

Cellophane Gift Baskets

With Easter fast approaching, that means baskets.   Who doesn’t love those wonderful cellophane wrapped baskets filled full of chocolate eggs, peeps, bunnies and . .  . jerky?!!

Well maybe not the younger members of the family.   But just about everyone loves digging through a gift basket.  And,  knowing how to  wrap a cellophane basket yourself […]