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Vegan Jerky – More Recipes

Following up to the  previous post  on making vegan jerky is a recap of some of the more widely published vegan jerky recipes:


Jack Fruit Jerky: Cauliflower Jerky: Watermelon Jerky:


Other Vegan Recipes

Aside from the standard 8 non-meat ingredients most commonly used in making vegan jerky, i.e., eggplant, […]

Vegan Jerky

Vegetarian? Not a problem, there’s a jerky for you.   Good thing, there’s a wide variety of ready-to-eat vegan jerky products on the market .  For more information on retail vegan jerky, visit  Vegan jerky  on Amazon.

But for those who like homemade jerky, below is a brief overview of vegetarian jerky.

Main Ingredient

There were two primary […]

Non-Traditional Jerky Seasoning Flavors


If you’re like me, you sometimes find yourself in a rut . . . doing the same things, eating the same foods and making the same jerky flavors. For those ready to try something new, here are a few jerky seasonings that are different from the more traditional flavors.

Slap Ya Mama is a 5-star […]