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Jerky Recap


For those who may not have been with us from the start and may have missed some of the basics, we’re going to recap a few past posts to highlight the main topics associated with making homemade jerky.

Making your own jerky means you know exactly what’s in it. For more on the […]

Jerky Facts

Lots to be said for jerky and according to some reports, seems it is experiencing a resurgence not only here in the states but also around and out of this world. There are always lots of lists expressing opinions[1], and the five (5) below are our top five favorites:

Been around since circa 1550 (South […]

Homemade Jerky – What’s New?

Making homemade jerky is pretty  basic in equipment and process.   However, sometimes there are new and different products that can make the process easier or better.

The following 5 products are some items we found interesting in making homemade jerky. We thought that the screens for smoking jerky on the BBQ or in the smoker might prove […]